Markets We Serve

Moog Flo-Tork serves a variety of markets that require demanding motion control solutions.  Utilizing our time proven rack and pinion design and engineering talent, we can provide a product to meet your exact needs


Our actuators are used for subsea valves, turbines in power generation, and controlling radioactive waste. We track the sun for green energy and control water in hydroelectric turbines.

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Factory Automation

Providing solutions for factories since the 1950's, we've automated processes from the generation of oxygen to the making of bread dough. We pride ourselves on creating the proper system to solve the problem.

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Heavy Industry

We design solutions to eliminate even the most difficult of maintenance challenges for iron and steel mills; from the mining of ore to the slitting of the final coil.

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Robust designs lend themselves to the rigorous duty that vehicle manufacturers demand. We will work directly with your engineering team to provide efficient, cost effective solutions.

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