High Performance Linear Actuators for Naval Applications

Moog's line of electromechanical linear actuators offer a range of products that are affordable, robust and compatible with the difficult naval shipboard environments. These actuator designes are based on Moog's product heritage in the aerospace, military and industrial markets.  

Moog has the capability to design a solution to fit any naval application. Actuators can be provided in power ranges from fractional to over 100 horsepower. One of Moog's strengths is designing actuation systems requiring precise motion control at high bandwidths.  Moog can provide the control systems engineering needed to tune the actuation system for optimal performance.  Additionally, Moog has designed and built actuation systems for undersea control surface applications.  In these applications, the actuators are designed to withstand a lifetime of undersea exposure. 

Moog has been designing electromechanical actuation systems to replace hydraulic actuators for over 25 years.  In many applications, Moog can match the weight, center of gravity and envelop of the hydraulic actuator while improving system performance and reliability. 

Key Specifications
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +70°C (Operating)
Explosion Proof MIL-E-2036
Shock MIL-STD-901D Grade B
Vibration MIL-STD-167 Type 1
Designed for exposure to humidity, driving rain, salt, fog, spray, sand, dust, solar radiation, and corrosive atmosphere.

Features and Customization Options

  • Prime mover is a permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless DC).  Induction or stepper motors optional
  • Configured with standard internal brake.  Can be modified for internal clutch for protection of integrated equipment.
  • Telemetry options include resolvers, encoders, potentiometers, RVDT or hall-effect devices
  • Can be provided with integral temperature, current or torque sensors to enable health monitoring
  • Optimized for use with Moog's digital servo motor controllers
  • Can be configured for manual operation
  • Can be designed to withstand water immersion