Moog Flo-Tork Products

For Industrial applications, we provide high performance hydraulic and pneumatic rack and pinion rotary actuators for a multitude of industrial and valve applications.

For Naval applications, our actuators and control electronics can be provided in power ranges from fractional to over 100 horsepower. We accommodate wide ranges of power levels, fault tolerance, torque density, and response times for any shipboard application. Moog specializes in designing actuation systems requiring precise control at high bandwidths.

Hydraulic Actuators

Moog Flo-Tork hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators provide high performance, long lasting automation for existing and new industrial and valve applications.

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Pneumatic Actuators

Our compact, reliable pneumatic rotary actuators minimize downtime, while providing the power needed to perform the toughest industrial tasks.

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Actuation Systems

Moog has taken its aircraft stick-to-tail approach to the seas and is developing full electromechanical actuation systems for next generation naval platforms.

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Moog is the sole source supplier for electrohydraulic actuators for the Virginia Class submarine. Moog's heritage and expertise in naval actuation and its broad capabilities in electromechanical actuation make Moog the premier motion control supplier for the Navy's future all-electric ships.

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Our Naval Controllers are designed to withstand the water corrosion of harsh naval environments and are compatible with any shipboard electrical requirements.

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